Sunday, November 13, 2016

Photo Exhibition: Humans of Calais

Migration from the Perspective of Migrants

This photo exhibition of daily life in the refugee camp in Calais is the result of the research project Humans of Calais, which gives migrants a voice in order to understand their experiences from their own perspective. Residents of the Calais camp were given disposable cameras to record their daily lives in the camp. These visual snapshots, and the migrants’ narratives that accompany them, offer a unique insight into the ways in which migrants build their lives under difficult and makeshift circumstances, whilst also showing their ideas and dreams.
Researchers: Signe Sofie Hansen, Tara Flores, Ishita Singh and Layla Mohseni, MA Students from the Department of War Studies

Location: War Studies Meeting Room (K. 6.07)
Category: Culture, Exhibition
When: 11/11/2016 (17:00) - 02/12/2016 (17:00)

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