Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lampedusa Migration Network_ Manchester 4th of July 2016

Another exciting forum on Lampedusa happening soon in the UK. Really looking forward to joining this.
Dr Letizia Alterno (University of Manchester) has organized a symposium designed as a discussion-led event which will engage both academia, the general public and refugee participants in a conversation about the disquieting and extremely pressing issues of detention, migration and asylum in the context of Lampedusa, recently identified as a HOTSPOT by the European Commission (See EU Hotspot Approach). The aim is to discuss and investigate the current EU and local policies governing the illegal detention of hundreds of asylum seekers who managed to reach the coast of Lampedusa in southern Italy during the past few months. Planned as a “bottom-up” event aiming to enable refugees into a position of legitimacy, the occasion will provide ample space for refugees to tell their stories about both the crossing and the inhuman conditions of detention in Lampedusa. In case the presence of refugee participants cannot be guaranteed, their written and oral narratives would function as primary informant source to catalyse conversation.

All details here
Registration is fee but required.

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The war in Syria most stop. It´s horrible.