Saturday, June 7, 2008

Corazones de Mujer

Despite the Spanish title, "Corazones de Mujer" is a recent film that apparently inaugurates a new season of Italian cinema, by looking at other cultures with interested eyes. The movie is directed by two young Italians, Davide Sordella and Pablo Benedetti who preferred to be called with an arabic collective name, "K. Koosof", that in Arabic language means "eclipse". The film, which has been presented at the last Berlin Cinema festival, tells the story of a Moroccan tailor, who is transvestite, and a promised bride, who is not longer a virgin, an unforgivable sin for the Arabic culture. The two characters, played by the amateur Moroccan actors Aziz Ahmeri and Ghizlane Waldi, live in Turin (Italy) and to sort out the problem, they decide to undertake a trip by car from Turin to Morocco.
The film, a road movie, is the story of the reconciliation of the two characters with their own country of origin, but also an analysis of the concept of individual freedom.
The film will be screened in the Italian cinemas from the 20th of June. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I like the hybridisation contained in it. The title is Spanish, the Italian directors use an Arabic name, the charcters are Moroccan, live in Italy and speak half Italian and half Arabic, even their gender identity is ambiguous and misleading...
This film promises to be an attempt to "move the borders" of traditional cinematic schemes. To watch it will be my first priority next time I go to Italy.