Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lettere A Colori: Descrizioni di dipinti nella corrispondenza di Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Even if not specifically connected to the topic of this blog, I want to outline my recent publication on NINES (a peer-reviewed online forum on Nineetenth Century) founded by Jerome McGann.

My work is Lettere A Colori: Descrizioni di dipinti nella corrispondenza di Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Give a look if you are curious, it deals with Dante Gabriel Rossetti's letters that describe paintings . If you want to know more read the introductory essay I wrote. The exhibition concerns some of Rossetti's letters that I have translated because extraordinarily related to his and others' paintings. Technically they are called ekphraseis (from the Greek word).

This work is part of my PhD research that is going to be published soon with Bonanno Editore. Enjoy!

Call for article_journal Studies in Travel Writing

In 2012 the Journal Studies in Travel Writing will publish a special
issue on travel writing and Italy, edited by Sharon Ouditt (Nottingham
Trent University) and Loredana Polezzi (Warwick University).

Essays, of around 7,000-10,000 words, may focus on any aspect of the
construction or refraction of Italy through travel writing in any
period, although we particularly welcome papers that (i) focus on
significant trends or transitions (e.g. with reference to related areas
such as visual culture) in travel writing about Italy; (ii) are
concerned with contemporary images of Italy, including those produced by
immigration, return migration or long-term settlement; and/or (iii)
display an engagement with the ideologies and methodologies that impact
on the discussions central to travel writing.

The timetable is as follows: Abstracts of around 500 words by 1 February
2010; essays to be commissioned by 1 April 2010; commissioned essays due
to editors by 1 December 2010; referees' reports by 1 April 2011; final
copy to editors by 1 August 2011.

Please send abstracts to both and

Feminist Media Studies Journal_December 2009

Feminist Media Studies--Volume 9:4 (December 2009)

Special Issue: Transcultural Mediations and Transnational Politics of Difference
Guest Editors: Aniko Imre, Katarzyna Marciniak, and Aine O'Healy

***This special issue of "Feminist Media Studies" might be of interest to some of the blog's readers***


Transcultural Mediations and Transnational Politics of Difference
Anikó Imre, Katarzyna Marciniak, and Áine O’Healy

Feminist Media Studies 9:4 (2009): 385-390

Gender and Quality Television: A Transcultural Feminist Project
Anikó Imre

Feminist Media Studies 9:4 (2009): 391-407

Buying Up Baby: Modern Feminine Subjectivity, Assertions of “Choice,” and the
Repudiation of Reproductive Justice in Postfeminist Unwanted Pregnancy Films
Pamela Thoma

Feminist Media Studies 9:4 (2009): 409-425

Jennifer Fox’s Transcultural Talking Cure: Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman (2007)
Angelica Fenner

Feminist Media Studies 9:4 (2009): 427-445

Tracing Women’s Routes in a Transnational Scenario: the Video-Cartographies of
Ursula Biemann
Federica Timeto

Feminist Media Studies 9:4 (2009): 447-460

East/West Encounters: “Indian” Identity and Transnational Feminism in Manushi
Anita Anantharam

Feminist Media Studies 9:4 (2009): 461-476

Rumors from around the Bloc: Gossip, Rhizomatic Media, and the Plotki Femzine
Red Chidgey, Jenny Gunnarson Payne, and Elke Zobl

Feminist Media Studies 9:4 (2009): 477-491