Monday, February 11, 2013

Migration, Discrimination and Belonging Transnational Spaces in Post-colonial Europe (Warwick University 6th of March, 2013)

Registration is still open for the IAS Seminar on “Migration, Discrimination and Belonging”, to be held at the University of Warwick on the 6th of March 2013.

Full details here

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Network for Migration and Culture

Dear all,

exciting news from Denmark! The Network for Migration and Culture: The Interrelations of Migration, Culture and Aesthetics (NMC) - a national/ international network funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research - is organizing two exciting conferences revolving around the issue of the aesthetics of migration.

Please see below for details:

1. The first is called Displacements. Forced Migration and the Arts, and will be held at Aarhus University, Denmark, 3-5 October 2013.
This is the call for paper (deadline 15 April 2013)
Confirmed keynote speakers include: Hamid Naficy, Parvati Nair and Madeleine Dobie.

2. The second is called Crossroads - Europe, Migration and Culture, and will be held at the University of Copenhagen, 24-25 October 2013.
This is the call for paper (deadline 31 January 2013)

Gender and Migration - Marmara University (Istanbul) 11-13 May 2013

Another excting upcoming conference called Gender and Migration: Critical Issues and Policy Implications that will be held at Marmara University (Istanbul), 11-13  May 2013.

The conference is organised by the London Centre for Social Studies (LCSS) in collaboration with the Gender Institute at the London School of Economics (LSE), the Centre for Migration Policy Research at Swansea University, and the Department of Sociology at Marmara University.

This international conference invites expert contributions on the following areas:
  • Transnationalism, diasporas and gender
  • Gender and labour migration
  • Gender-based violence and forced migration
  • Migration and gender in the media
  • Healthcare and migrant women
  • Gender and migrant family relations
  • Gendered experiences in Turkish migration
Find details about the call for paper here (deadline 22 February 2013)