Thursday, May 12, 2016

Borders/Frontiers: A contemporary Interdisciplinary Exploration_Goldsmiths 23-24 June 2016

“What we have come to call a globalized world harbors fundamental tensions between opening and barricading, fusion and partition, erasure and reinscription. These tensions materialize as increasingly liberalized borders, on the one hand, and the devotion of unprecedented funds, energies, and technologies to border fortification, on the other.”
(Wendy Brown (2010), Walled States, Waning Sovereignty)

While Brown is specifically discussing walls and physical barriers in her book, what is clear from this introductory quote is the tension between borders and frontiers, or openings and closings in our contemporary world. This conference seeks to interrogate these concepts in an interd...isciplinary manner, asking: what is a border, what is a frontier, and are they the same thing? Looking to space, the body, economics, sovereignty, citizenship and genealogy, this conference will examine these similar yet connotationally different terms through the lense of our world today. 

This interdisciplinary conference is open to artists and academics interested in interrogating and contesting concepts of borders and frontiers.

23 June - 24 June 2016, LG01 Professor Stuart Hall Building
Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths. 

Participation is free, all welcome.
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