Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Performing Borders_Conversation on art | crossings | europe (30 March 2016)

Another exciting event soon happening in London!

Performing borders: Conversation on art | crossings | europe is an open dialogue on how artists, researchers and art organisations can use their practices and projects to respond to and challenge the borders of Europe and their shifting meanings.

Guest speakers include: Lois Keidan (Co-Director of the Live Art Development Agency), Sophie Nield (Senior Lecturer in Drama at the Royal Holloway University of London), Juliet Steyn (Co-editor of ‘Breaching Borders: Art, Migrants and the Metaphor of Waste’), Marilena Zaroulia and Philip Hager (Co-Founders of the Inside/Outside Europe Research Network) will present their own perspectives and engage in a discussion on the role of live and visual art in the flux reality of Europe and its proliferating and increasingly heterogeneous borders

All those interested in citizenship, crossing borders, and experimental art practices are welcome to bring their own ideas and experiences to the conversation.

All details bout the event here.  
The organizer is my freind Alessandra Cianetti, Co-director of Something Human

Check out her blog as well!

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