Thursday, January 29, 2009

Workshop_Migrating Italy_Oxford 27 February 2009

Dear all,
the 27th of February a very interersting interdisciplinary workshop on "Media and Narrative Represenattions of Immigration in italy", will take place in Oxford.
On that occasion I will present a paper "Writing the Mediterranean: Amara Lakhous and the Translation of Cultures".
There'll be speakers from all over UK and they will present interesting papers on various aspects of immigration in Italy, with a special concern to the media and narrative representations.
For further details and for dowloading the programme click here.

Abstract of my paper:

This paper aims at investigating the possibility of talking about a ‘Mediterranean alternative’ in a cultural and literary horizon. In particular, it will analyse the Italian case, whose Mediterranean heredity has recently been rediscovered through the contributions of those writers who, coming from other Mediterranean countries, are challenging the borders of a Westernized and controversial reality, such as the Italian one. Amara Lakhous, a contemporary Algerian-Italian writer, living in Italy and writing in Italian, is a good example of this attempt. His writing is, in fact, transgressing the bounded Italian national culture, by challenging its monolithic view and by offering a new transcultural gaze into the Italian whole way of life.

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